About Cæsiliæ


Origins & Statement


Parisian with international roots, Cæsiliæ currently lives in Berlin near a lake. Her vibrating universe is poetic and oneiric. She believes in the healing, powerful and delicate beauty of Nature, especially water. Through her work, she wants to bring hope and joy in a subtile way, and integrate losses and pain into life.

Cæsiliæ comes from her second name, Cecilia, which means blind, fortunate or secret in Latin. In addition, Saint Cecilia (230 AD) was the saint for poets and musicians. 

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Work & Inspiration

She is fascinated by reflexion on water, the mirror and illusions of different dimensions water creates with light as well as its subtile dance with the wind. She works on multiple layers, allowing the eyes to travel from darkness to light, from opacity to transparency. Her work often carries an etheric atmosphere, like she is seing life though steam or like she is remembering a dream.

She finds her inspiration in her travels - Colombia, Mexico, Bali, Berlin - and the memories and hopes of her own life. She also gets inspired by the beautiful waterlilies of Monet and lakes of Klimt, and by the complex compositions of Turner. Besides, she observes contemporary realistic artists such as Alyssa Monks and Reisha Perlmutter because she loves the way they explore feminine energies, movement, curves and the relationship between women, their body, and water as a core and complex element of nature and life.


She has a MBA - Master in Business Administration - from Grenoble Business School, France. She has built her career in the Art & Craft Industry where she has worked several years as a Purchasing Manager with all major brands of Fine Art and DIY (Do It Yourself) markets and as a Country Manager to develop business opportunities in France and Germany. 
She speaks fluent French, English and Spanish and she is currently learning German. Self taught artist and passionate about Art since her childhood, she attended l'Atelier Elzevir in Paris before moving to Berlin in 2015. Since then she has been attending Berlin Art Class intensively and she works at home in her own studio and in her garden. She loves learning new techniques and exploring new topics.

Caesiliae working in her studio in Berlin. Credits : Roberto Garcia Hermosilla and Simone Behrendt.

Caesiliae working in her studio in Berlin. Credits : Roberto Garcia Hermosilla and Simone Behrendt.