Are you interested in acquiring or exhibiting Caesiliae’s artwork ?

1. You are a private collector :

A selection of pieces from the catalog are available for sale on the online Art galleries and The piece arrives in less than a week if you are located in Europe, and a safe and insured transportation as well as a secured packaging are included in the price. You can see the list of pieces currently available as well as read more details about the process of creation, the inspiration, the meaning of the piece and the material used by the artist here :

You did not find your favourite piece on the links below ? Sometimes they need a bit of time to dry, so please go to section 2 and contact the artist to know the availability.

Both platforms ship worldwide, they offer different navigation tools and languages, you are invited to choose the one you feel the most comfortable with!

1.1 You are based in Europe, Asia, Oceania or Africa :

New ! Caesiliae’s artworks have been selected by Singulart, a curated online gallery translated in various languages. Free shipping worldwide.

1.2 You are based in America :

Most of Caesiliae’s artworks are already available there (with English descriptions only).

2. You are an Art gallery or an institution :

Please contact the artist using the following form, she will be happy to answer your questions or your suggestions of collaboration :